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how to attach kiln elements

updated fri 24 oct 97


Jeff Lawrence on fri 24 oct 97

Jon was asking about the above subject...

Hi Jon,

I have rewired my electric kilns numerous times. I have the stock crimpettes
but don't use them, because if they are properly crimped, you'll need to
snip off the crimped lead wire from the switch. That means you lose a
quarter inch each re-wiring. Rewire them 8 times, and your leads are two
inches shorter!! Bad news, as they don't make those things with any extra.

An alternative is to make a little clamp from a small screw with nut and
some washers. You can buy holy connectors for your lead wire that fit your
screw. Bend the element wire around the screw and screw it down as tight as
you please.


P.S. I am guardedly impressed with ITC's 213 metal coating. I'm still
troubld by ashy particles floating off it, but find the elements springy and
flexible when I would have expected recalcitrant brittlity (?). Makes me
hope to lengthen the time between thankless jobs of rewiring.
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