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hummingbird hill ???

updated mon 30 jun 97


Bill Aycock on tue 3 jun 97

I Know it's not about clay , but, there may be some clayarters that are
interested. With the latest hatchout to leave the nest, the consumption of
Hummingbird "nectar" has now passed the 20 oz a day mark.

It takes LOTS of them to drink that much!

We have two feeders, with a total of 10 "flowers", one in front of the
kitchen sink window, and the other about 10 ft away. This spacing is not
really enough, because the little beggars are very possesive and agressive.

Bill- who watches in wonder, on Persimmon (Hummingbird) Hill
Bill Aycock --- Persimmon Hill --- Woodville, Alabama, US
--- (in the N.E. corner of the State)
also-- W4BSG -- Grid EM64vr