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updated mon 31 mar 97


Talbott on tue 25 mar 97

The sap is flowing in the North Country... though a little slow
still because of the really cold weather that we are still having. Still
have about 7" of snow on the ground here in Naples. I resell Maple syrup
that my brother-in-law produces who lives in Buxton (Remember Buxton in
Shawshank Redemption... the Steven King Movie) Just today a pottery
customer from Georgia placed an order for several gallons of light amber
syrup. Funny how pottery customers also become syrup customers and vice
versa. Sometimes a little diversity draws in customers that might not
other wise have stopped in the first place. And our tomato customers
(summer only of course) likewise have become pottery customers. The point
is ... get those customers in the door... a little diversity can't hurt..
just keep the quality high and they will keep coming back year after

Happy Spring from Maine... ...Marshall

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