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info on pitcher

updated sun 31 aug 97


Chuck on sat 16 aug 97

We are looking for anyone who can give info by email conerning the
meaning of markings on a pitcher that we own. Any help will be

I would call it a thick ceramic. It is a pitcher with an open top and
>spout. The handle is made to look like bamboo and the inside is on the
>very light pink side. Outside it is light beige with a Blue, red and
>white butterfly facing downward toward a palm-like greenry and blue, red
>and yellow flowers. On the opposite side, it looks like a bee, or a
>firefly and the same flower motiff. The bottom's only marking is the
>black brush painted g or h or perhaps a 5. There are no other markings
>on the pitcher. I inherited it from my Mother who was born in l90l and
>I don't know before that. She would never let us touch it, for fear we
>would break it. 5 children in the family, I don't blame her! Thank you
>for any help you can give.
Many thanks.