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info on spain needed

updated mon 31 mar 97


P. Anagnostopoulos on tue 11 mar 97

Dear Clayarter's

I will be in Barcelona for about 8 days the first week or so of
April and would appreciate any information about clay related sites to
visit. Any other info re other sites, accommodation, events would also be
This is a trip of a lifetime for me: have always wanted to visit
and see the works of Gaudi - the park, the apartments and of course the
Cathedral. I have friends who also will be there but who will also visit
Lisbon and Amsterdam so any information regarding these places re clay
sites would also be appreciated.
Please reply to me privately and thank you in advance for any
information sent. It would be great if anyone knows of any 1-2 day
courses happening at that time but that would be too lucky.
Thank you-

P. Anagnostopoulos