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internet and listserv as an educational tool

updated fri 24 oct 97


Nadine Osmond on fri 10 oct 97

Hi there,

My name is Nadine Osmond and I am currently working on a paper for a course
I am doing at the local university. My paper has to be based around the
topic of training using on-line provisions. The internet and this clay list
serve is great. The local libraries and bookstores don't carry enough of
the appropriate material for people working in clay probably because its
still fairly a new industry for us compared to other locations. I teach a
non-credit intro clay class at the Devon House Clay Studio through the
Newfoundland and Labrador Craft Development Association. This studio has
been on the go now for four years and we are looking at making it into a
formal educational institution. There are always things you need to find
out that you can't always find in a book. Many times you get a quicker
answer by asking people who are experienced. The last paper I wrote was on
the safe use of barium carbonate and all my research material was accesss
through the computer - this list serve's archives plus e-mail contact with
the author of a recent article in Ceramics Monthly.

So, I'm wondering how valuable these on-line services have been for others.
Please send your comments to

Nadine Osmond, formally educated and working as a graphic designer with a
side life in clay.