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is a co-op the answer?

updated mon 31 mar 97


P. F. Shelor on wed 5 mar 97

I figure there could not be a better place to ask these questions. I am in
my forties, but I'm a pottery toddler. I've been taking classes in a museum
studio program for about 3 pr 4 years. While I have helped with many of the
chores, I have never been on my own for glaze mixing, kiln loading or firing.
Studio time is limited to class time, and there are long breaks between
semesters - the problem being not nearly enough time ever get enough done! A
home studio is not a viable option right now, but I could practice throwing
pots outdoors in nice weather and maybe keep a wheel in a little storage shed
(I sometimes have visions of a pottery RV parked in the driveway - wheels on
wheels - travelling pottery lessons in the future - Pam's Portable Pottery.)

How have some of you gotten started with home setups with very limited
options for space?

The idea of trying to form a co-op studio has been lurking in the back of my
mind. Should I leave it there? Any opinions, success stories, or warnings?
I was thinking that some kind of setup where there were "charter members" who
had a certain amount of private time to work with free-for-alls at other
times might make sense, but then the whole idea is to be able to work when
you can and want to or have to.

Thanks in advance.