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jepson's bats

updated tue 30 sep 97


Joyce Lee, Jim Lee on fri 26 sep 97

For what it's worth, I've been using Jepson's bats/ring system since
starting in clay 3 years ago. I supposed in my ignorance that Jepson's
system was the one used by most potters. Then I began taking throwing
classes at various institutions and discovered (one more time) the "real
world"...this time around it was the potter's world of notched, warped,
wobbly, scratched, neglected, ill-fitting bats upon which we
beginners (who NEED bats) strive to produce our equally wobbly, but much
loved, pots. I learned to treasure my Jepsons. I, also, purchased a
couple of Creative Industries bats at the Vegas NCECA. Don't know what
difference the shape makes, but I like the little square ones best.
"Somebody" said that they were meant to be wheel "protectors"??? I've
never read about that on Clayart or elsewhere, but to me they're bats.
They don't warp, clean up nicely and are easy to remove from the wheel.

In the Mojave weary from getting up at 4 AM to watch the rain, drop by
drop, as it hits the patio, (Yes, it was still dark. We've had
electricity for some time now.) and pondering the quandary of loving the
rain AND loving the desert.