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jepson's bats vs. pure and simple bats

updated tue 30 sep 97


John Post on mon 29 sep 97

> For that reason I am going to try the slumphump mold system and I can
>make more bats when I need them. Has anyone out there made these bats and
>how do you like them?

>Sylvia See Claresholm, Alberta


I have been using the Pure and Simple Pottery slump hump molds you
describe. They usually have an ad in Ceramics Monthly. They are easy to
make and the top surface of the bat comes out as smooth as glass. The back
of the bat has a recessed triangle which fits over a matching plastic
triangular ring that is bolted on to the wheel where the bats pins are.

To make the bat without wasting any extra plaster, I use 1450 grams of
water and add the plaster to it using the little island method.

On the plus side these bats never come loose on the wheel, are easy to make
and are cheap. A 50# bag of plaster costs me about $6.50 and I can get
about 7 or 8 bats from it. The bats are 13" across and very sturdy and
they release the clay perfectly. The instructions for making the molds are
very clear and some helpful hints are given in the product literature.

On the down side, the bats are heavy (7#) and they take up room in the
studio. The bats only come in one size. I often wish that I could cast
some smaller bats for mugs as the 13" ones quickly take up room on the
studio shelves and tables. They also have some specialty molds for making
lids and other things.

I really like the fact that I can make as many of these bats as I need. I
think they work great and that the mold for the bat making is really well

If you need any other advyce or have any other questions about these
bats, let me know.

You can contact Pure and Simple Pottery Products at
PO Box 1279
Ukiah, CA 95482
phone/fax 707-463-1747

John Post