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kidstuff - thanks!

updated tue 30 apr 96


John Sproule on fri 12 apr 96

To all of you who have so generously offered words of encouragement and


What a tremendous wealth of creative and caring energy there is out there!!

I will keep you all posted on the progress of "my" kids. THere are three
potters on Hornby - Heinz Laffin and Gerhard Kozel are going to be doing
throwing with the kids (on kick wheels!!!!!!), Susan Crowe is going to be
doing coil building, and I'm doing the handbuilding. Wait, that's 4
potters...But Heinz and Gerhard are a team...

Anyway, I think I've got the best assignment!

It's a fairly "artsy" island, and the kids get exposed to this kind of
stuff every year, so it should be interesting to see what they come up
with. And I think the art show will be a gas!

Thank you all again. I am bolstered by your enthusiasm and interest.


on Hornby ISland, B.C., Canada