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kiln wash problem

updated mon 31 mar 97


Nancy Rogers on tue 25 mar 97

Greetings from Chocolate Town:
I'm posting this question for a friend who has been successfully using the
same kiln washed shelves for years. Brought them with her when she came into
this country.
She re-applied her regular recipe of wash recently and after the first
firing (^10) the wash turned brittle and peeled. After scraping it off the
texture of the residue was like a hard powder.
She tried applying premixed wash and had the same problem. She's been
firing these kilns, with the original wash recipe, in this studio for years.
What could be going wrong?
Could change in water be the culprit? Regardless, any suggestions on how to
rectify this annoying situation?
Nancy the Cracked Potter in Hershey, PA