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kiln wash revisited

updated tue 30 apr 96


PAT HANKINS on tue 2 apr 96

Clayarters..... I was looking through an old Ceramics Monthly- 2/87-
and came across an interesting kiln wash receipt contributed by Jim
Schuld- 1 part white glue, 3 parts water and 4 parts alumina hydrate
by volume. According to the article it is completely removable by a
wet sponge after each firing therefore preventing kiln wash buildup
and allows one of use both sides of the kiln shelf to prevent warping.

Has anyone out there in cybermud used this? Does it work?

Waiting for your answer and Spring in Georgia.

Pat from Meansville on thu 4 apr 96

Hi Pat,
I did try this recipe. The glue is what makes it possible to apply the
Alumina Hydrate. You might just try the recipe of equal parts silica, epk,
and alumina hydrate. The hydrate is a pain to use as you cannot thin the mix
enough to spread it before the moisture is sucked out.

Ithaca, NY