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updated mon 31 mar 97


Talbott on fri 14 mar 97

Well.. we have been using the same coating of kiln wash, the Lee's
for over a year and have done only "touch ups" once last summer. I have
yet to see a flake since we started using this stuff. I would not believe
it either if someone told this to me. No... I don't get commissions or
discounts from Axner but probably should.. (Howard are you listening????)
I don't know what is in it either but I do know that it works... and it is
the cheapest kiln wash that I have ever used because I don't have to grind
the old kiln wash off and reapply the new ever couple of months... so... I
would start with getting rid of the stuff you have now on your shelves and
apply the Lee's. I use a Milwalkee 6" body grinder with a wire brush cup
to clean my SiC shelves. I put on hearing and eye protection and a
respirator mask (dust mask) before getting down to grinding.. ... Marshall

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Marshall -

Re: your posting, I am having a terrible time with my kiln wash. I tried
a recipe from the CM "Great Ideas for Potters" book, 1/2 kaolin + 1/2
flint, but found it flaked, so I tried 2 parts Goldart, 2 parts EPK, and
6 parts flint. Still no success - after every firing it simply falls off
the shelves (but not evenly, of course). I thought purchasing pre-made
might help, but my pottery supplier admitted that all he would do is mix
50:50 kaolin and flint, which I could do much more cheaply myself. He
did suggest adding a little alumina hydrate to the mix - I have some from
kiln-washing a shelf for glass slumping - but I haven't tried it yet.
How many firings does Lee's Kiln Wash hold up, and do you have any idea
what is in it? Do I need to just reconcile myself to scraping and
re-washing after every firing? Insight appreciated! :-) Kris
Kris Baum, Shubunkin Pottery,

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