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kiln wash..not perfect

updated sun 31 aug 97


Talbott on mon 11 aug 97

Very true... the Lee's does not release easily and likewise it does not
flake easily.. I can get away with using the Lee's because I use nitride
bonded SiC shelves which are very, very, hard clean up the drips I use
a body grinder with a wire brush cup and a coal chisel and hammer at a low
angle to break up the tough ones... If you are using a soft shelf material
like a high alumina shelf then you are better off with a wash that releases
more easily... Having used nothing but hard shelves for the past 3 years
it is easy to forget that all shelves are not the same.. ..

I have heard that crystar shelves do not require kiln wash.. Is that true?

Does ITC serve also as kiln wash?.. What is the cost in comparison to
Lee's kiln wash... When you are doing ^10 reduction in a gas kiln the wash
will really flake off and blow around in the turbulent atmosphere of the
kiln... far more so than ^6 electric.. it is a different ball game all
together... I don't claim to know all the answers... I just know what has
worked and what has not worked in our particular situation.. If any
information that I can forward is useful than that is good.... I think in
all topics one must analyze their situations in relative comparison to what
is being said...

If you have some kiln wash that does not flake in cone 10 reduction and
releases more easily than the Lee's then please let us ALL know.... ..

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