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kilns comparison

updated fri 24 oct 97


Gaydos, Frank on tue 21 oct 97

I have two L&L, two Crusaders and an Olympic Oval. All between ten and
fifteen years old. I love the L&Ls, and the Olympic. I will never
purchase another Crusader because they have twice as many switches and
elements which to me means something will break twice as often. The
Olympic fires lika a champ especially considering the size of it. I did
have some problem with the hinge to the very heavy lid on the olympic and
finally removed it and rest the lid against the back wall. Also the
element wires are hard wired which I think is great for good contact but
eventually you have to replace them and it can be a pain but doable.
The L&Ls are like that bunny, they just keep going. They are easy to
maintain with their famous element holders they keep looking good.
Frank in Philly