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lamp parts.wholesale.source?

updated fri 28 feb 97


Kenneth D Westfall on sun 2 feb 97

Kirks Lane Lamp Parts Company has been a good supplier of lamp part for
us. Address is as follows:
Kirks Lane Lamp Parts Company
2541 Pearl Buck Road
Keystone Industrial Park
Bristol, Pennsylvania 19007
Phone: 215-785-1251
FAX: 215-785-1651


Valerie Glauser on tue 4 feb 97

In a message dated 2/2/97 12:22:14 PM, you wrote:

>Kirks Lane Lamp Parts Company has been a good supplier of lamp part for
>us. Address is as follows:
>Kirks Lane Lamp Parts Company
>2541 Pearl Buck Road
>Keystone Industrial Park
>Bristol, Pennsylvania 19007
>Phone: 215-785-1251
>FAX: 215-785-1651

I'll strongly second the vote for Kirks.

BTW, they are _much_ cheaper than hardware stores, and have a _much_ larger
variety of parts you'll need.

As far as lamp shades, that's harder to order from a catalog, unless you are
doing a production run of the same size/shape/style/color lamps, and have
figured out which shade works best with that lamp. I have found that each
lamp needs to be properly fitted with the right size, shape, color and style
of shade to really do it justice -- which translates into saleability. For
shades, I recommend finding a good lamp store that also does repairs to find
a good selection to try out on the lamp. If you are replicating the lamp,
then you can find a catalog that carries the shade you want. Try asking at
the lamp store where they order their shades from. The one I work with
outside of Philadelphia has been very nice in working with me -- they'll give
me at least a modest discount when they find out that I'm going to be selling
the lamp, and not using it myself.

new Clayarter in Philly