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updated wed 14 jun 00


Francoise Melville on fri 3 may 96

I make lamps from time to time and find the shades a real problem.
First of all I bought a couple of 'sample' shades which were not meant to be
sold. However, both went to customers who wouldn't take the lamp without
the shade despite the fact that they were cheap ones from Zellers, and one
was a particularly nasty shade of pale blue. I now have a purple (Pike's
Oatmeal actually worked for me!) lamp which definitely needs a really tall
and large shade and I know I won't be able to sell it without one, so I am
waiting for Zellers to have another half-price lampshade sale....when? It
appears that many people buy handmade lamps as presents for others and they
seem unable to visualize what kind of shade would be suitable, preferring to
have the thing complete. I don't make or sell enough lamps to find a
wholesaler, so Zellers or some similar establishment would seem to be the
best bet, but I still try vainly to persuade people to use their esthetic
judgement and buy their own shades.
What do all you other lamp-makers do?

Indalo Pottery
Port Edward, B.C. where it didn't rain today!

Jennifer Boyer on fri 19 mar 99

Try Handmade Lampshades in Maumee, Ohio.
You can order any quantity of ANY size and color you want. You get
more of a discount for bigger quantity but there's no minimum. They are
a small company and very friendly. Tel: 800-622-3050
Take Care
Jennifer loading the kiln through the slush......

Jennifer Boyer
Thistle Hill Pottery
Vermont USA

Joyce Lee on thu 29 apr 99

I swear, you put it out there and Clayarters bring it home every time!!
Knew zip yesterday; know a lot today. Several claybuds asked me to share
the info about sources for large lampshades, since they are toying with
the same idea as I but haven't a clue either.

1) Lampshaders in Maumee, Ohio, offers "any quantity and any size you
might want. Their number is 800-622-3050." 2) Lampshades, Inc. 4041
W. Ogden Ave., Chicago, Il 773-522-2300 is "a joy to deal with and will
make a pattern for a one time charge of less than $10.00." 3) Jeff's
going to snail some info and I'll pass on the address to those who post
me. 4) There's a company possibly in California 800-634-8229. 5) many
suggested I make them myself by buying old shades, carefully removing
the covering for a pattern. Materials suggested were rice paper, fabric,
leather&lacing, copper sheeting...or "even thrown or slab-built
clay shades."

In the Mojave pleased to the core that one of my former charming,
entertaining, clever but VERY academically-challenged junior high
students from 25 plus years ago graced our home today in response to my
call to the recommended "best upholsterer in this part of the desert..."
recommended by some tough-to-please ladies. Still charming, still
entertaining, still clever...and it's his own thriving business with two
fulltime employees!!! So good he needs no formal advertising...
word-of-mouth keeps them busy. Paid a whopping tax bill this year!!
As he came in the door, he said, "I knew it had to be you so I drove out
myself. Ya' taught me good!" I don't know which of us was prouder! Once
a much younger version of himself, but still examining the world from
the same, snapping black eyes, proudly presented me with a pair of tiny
earrings in the shape of Budweiser cans...for pierced ears...mine
weren't pierced...not until the following day...they still live in my
jewelry box...may wear them the next time I choose to "wear purple,"
"sit down on the pavement," and "learn to spit."

OWLPOTTER@AOL.COM on sun 11 jun 00

I am looking for a source for lampshades. Does anyone have a source for both
large & small quantities?

Thanks in advance, Carolynn Palmer, Somerset Center, Michigan

Barbara G. Mann on mon 12 jun 00


I get my lampshades from these people. They do small quantities and
they are inexpensive. The only problem I've ever had was the weld
apart on 1 or 2 shades over the past 10 years, and since I've been so
very happy with their service over the years, I didn't even call to
request a credit.
Lampshades, Inc
(773) 522-2300
4041 W. Ogden Ave
Chicago, Il

Barbara Mann
Chester, VA

Jennifer Boyer on mon 12 jun 00

Lampshaders in Maumee Ohio let's you order small quantities and
then gives a discount if you order more. 800-622-3050

> I am looking for a source for lampshades. Does anyone have a source for both
> large & small quantities?
> Thanks in advance, Carolynn Palmer, Somerset Center, Michigan
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Jennifer Boyer
Thistle Hill Pottery
Vermont USA

Check out these sites about web hoaxes:

Lynne at The Pottery Web on mon 12 jun 00

At 09:47 PM 06/11/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>I am looking for a source for lampshades. Does anyone have a source for both
>large & small quantities?
I met a delightful couple at the Lakewood Antique Show in Atlanta a few
months ago. They manufacture lamp shades and are so reasonably priced you
won't believe it! They also have all the parts, wooden and brass bases
included. They will make lamp shades to your specifications if you need
that. I have their address but am unable to locate the telephone number--I
know I have it somewhere, but cannot find it--those oh-too-frequent "senior
moments" are upon me this afternoon...

Spring Church Trading Company
3360 Spring Church Road
Skippers, VA 23879

Lynne in very, HOT, very, very dry Atlanta with watering restrictions from
10:00am till 10:00 pm!

KLeSueur@AOL.COM on tue 13 jun 00

In a message dated 6/12/00 6:28:40 AM, OWLPOTTER@AOL.COM writes:

<< I am looking for a source for lampshades. Does anyone have a source for
large & small quantities?

I've been buying from Lampshades, Inc. in Chicago for years. I've always
found their products to be the best quality and the prices competitive. Even
though they are primarily a source for large lamp manufactuers, they've
always been very helpful with us.

Their number is (773)522-2300. Ask for Lee. She's really nice.

Kathi LeSueur
Ann Arbor, MI