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largest woodfiring??

updated wed 31 jul 96


Jay Landis on mon 22 jul 96

More news about the CLAY AZ art 18 International Conference, taking place on
the campus at Northern Arizona University campus.
Four woodfiring kilns were loaded July 15th with over 3,000 pieces of
bisqued pottery. Firing began at eight that evening and continued until the
evening of July 19th . Thursday ,July 25th we ll be opening the kilns {a
little like Christmas morning!]. That evening well be going to the Reitz
Ranch for a cookout in nearby Clarkdale ,Az. While we wait for the cool down
of the kilns we will be attending various demonstrations and lectures.
We are wondering if this might be the largest woodfiring outside of Japan ?
We would appreciate any information on this subject. More later.
Jay Landis