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lee's kiln wash and wbs chat room

updated mon 31 mar 97


Talbott on sun 23 mar 97

Will keep the times in mind on the Chat Room.... We are trying to
find a good time for this...
The Lee's Kiln Wash you will find to be the cheapest wash you have
ever used because you have to apply it only once in a Blue Moon (over a
year since I applied the wash to my shelves) don't know when I will have to
do it again. I only do "touch-ups" ever so often when I have to removed
glaze drips from the shelves. And you will not be losing pottery because a
flake of kiln wash found its way onto a glazed surface and is now inbedded
in the pottery. I would not use it or recommend it if I was unhappy with
the results. After losing several $100 platters and other otherwise
valuable pieces to flakes of kiln wash I knew something had to change..
Let me know how it goes... Marshall

>Marshall -
>I saw your posting, and was thinking I'd like to try out the chat room
>(my first!), but by the time 10PM Sat night rolls around, I'm exhausted.
>I'd love a Sunday-during the day-time. Just my 2 cents.
>Thanks, Kris
>P.S. - I'm ordering the Lee's Kiln Wash today, but I must admit I gulped
>when I saw the $39 price tag plus 20% S&H! When you said expensive, I
>had no idea! (But I'll try it, I promise...)
>Kris Baum, Shubunkin Pottery,

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