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updated wed 4 aug 99


Jenny Lewis on wed 10 sep 97

Hi Terry

Yes - the BM's far east gallery has reopened, and looks terrific.
Also their Japanese gallery usually has some special exhibition on -
and also they have a recently opened exhibition of Korean arts.

The Museum of Mankind has an exhibition on called Pottery in the
Making, which is big and good.

If you only have one and a half days you will have to run! worth it

The Crafts Council shop in Marshall street usually has lots to look
at, and they have recently refurbished the place so if you have bene
to London before and knew it, you will be pleasantly surprised.
It looks spacious and airy and quite unlike it was before, though I
have to confess I rather liked the cosy cluttered feel of it ...
Anyway, it's also a good starting point to get Ceramics Review
and find out what is on and where.


Jenny Lewis
overlooking Regents Park
nice late summer sunny weather
with NO humidity, relief relief

Margaret F Patterson on sat 13 sep 97

There's a small gallery upstairs in a small arcade off of Old Bond
Street.It has exhibitions of really fine contemporary clay work. I've
several times and enjoy both the work that happens to be there AND the
space itself -- light, airy, glass -- a view of the arcade below. The
name is something like Beason Gallery or Besson Gallery. I recall that
the gallery was very involved in the Luci Rie/Hans Coper exhibition last

A remarkable museum, although not pottery, is the Sir John Soanes Museum.
He was the architect of the Bank of England and this is one of several
houses he owned -- this being his residence. It is crammed with stuff --
especially the first floor and the basement which is notable in that it
gains natural day
light from an atrium -- 3 or 4 stories from roof to basement. Other
architectural features that are amazing include an oval spiral
cantilevered staircase and a "light catcher" in a basement windowt. This
is a fascinating place!! The museum is on Lincoln Inn Fields.

Have a great trip!-

Robert S. Bruch on sun 14 sep 97

If you have time for a day trip, 1.5 hrs by train,
the Cambridge Museum is small but has alot of early
ceramics. worth spending several hours, plus the
city and school are interesting. One of the best ceramics
collections given the size of the museum.

Bob Bruch

Gerlach Baas on mon 15 sep 97

Hallo everyone,

London has been my favourite city to visit for many years. Here are some
galeries and a museum that are not to be missed.

Besson Galerie
15 Royal Arcade
28 Old Bond Street
London W1X 3HB,
phone; 0171 (London) 491 1706
Open: Tuesday-Friday 10-5.30, Saturday closed, Monday 1-5.30
until October 9th.; David Leach

Contemporary Ceramics
7 Marshall Street
London W1V 1LP
Open: Monday-Saturday 10-5.30
This gallery shows ceramics my its members (The Crafsmen Potters

Contemporay Applied Arts
2 Percy Street
London W1P 9FA
phone: 0171 (London) 436 2344
Please call for opening hours (one of my students took my major guide to
London this weekend, sory for that)
A gallery that shows major quality in the field of crafts

Craft Council Gallery
44A Pentonville Road
London N1 9BY
phone 0171 (London) 278 7700
Open: Tuesday-Saturday 11-6 Sunday 2-6 Monday closed
This gallery shows work by its members; that is: those who are one the
list. The Crafts Council is a national organisation funded by the
government. It nevertheless claims to be independent!

The Victoria and Albert Museum (The V&A)
(remember my student?)
You can find the adress in every guide to London
Tis museum has a large collection on contemporary ceramics, really not
to be missed ! Whenever I go to London (one time a year = default) a
visit to The V&A is a must.
Downstairs in the V&A-shop you find a department of The Crafts Council.

Do enjoy London!

terryh on wed 5 nov 97

about a month and a half ago, i posted an inquiry about london galleries and
museums. not only on the clayart, but also directly I received many e-mails =
clayarters with precious suggestions. thank you to all for all the guidance.
they were all very helpful and i enjoyed very much of my london clay-trip. =
were a lot to report. but, i put my london trip report on my web page,, instead of placing a rather long =
self-indulging report on this clayart forum. thank you again. terry

Winnie Coggins on sat 24 jul 99

I will be in London in mid-August and would like to see work of current
British potters. Any studio or gallery suggestions are welcomed, with
location in relation to tube stops, if possible.

Tyler Hannigan on tue 27 jul 99

Here is a list of 4 London Galleries presenting top notch ceramics - with
address & phone #.

Winnie Coggins wrote:

> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> I will be in London in mid-August and would like to see work of current
> British potters. Any studio or gallery suggestions are welcomed, with
> location in relation to tube stops, if possible.

Tyler Hannigan
Silverhawk Craft Realm

shirley freed on tue 27 jul 99


When you get to London head for the Craft Potters Association's Shop aka
Contemporary Ceramics. Its address is 7 Marshall Street, London W1V 1LP,
not far from Liberty's on Regent Street and Carnaby Street. There you will
see lots of pots made by many of the well-know British potters. You can
purchase there a currant copy of "Ceramic Review" the Association magazine
which lists in the Listings Events and Exhibitions. Also available is the
Craft Potters Association directory of their membership entitled "Potters
Eleventh Edition." It's a handy guide for locating potters in London and
throughout Britain. Check out the"Crafts" magazine which will include
other exhibits and galleries. There is no shortage of pottery and ceramics
to be seen; only time in which to see them. Don't forget the Victoria and
Albert Museum and Galerie Besson.

Another pleasant and easy way of visiting potters throughout Britain is to
join a Potters Tour. We in our private coach, travelling through the
countryside, we visit two or three potters in their studios each day and
view important museum and galleries. For further information contact Jane
Turner at> or [That's a lowercase
"l" after the lowercase "n".]

You're bound to have a wonderful time. Shirley Freed

-----Original Message-----
From: Winnie Coggins
Date: Sunday, July 25, 1999 2:22 PM
Subject: London galleries

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>I will be in London in mid-August and would like to see work of current
>British potters. Any studio or gallery suggestions are welcomed, with
>location in relation to tube stops, if possible.

Dorothy Weber on wed 28 jul 99

We will also be in London the second week in august and have spoken to John
Leach. We will be driving to Somerset to visit his studio staying in a bed
and breakfast he recommended then over to Bath and back to London. I do have
a long list of galleries (not ceramics) that was recommend if anyone is
interested, we are planning to see as many of the ceramics exhibits as

Have a great trip

Dorothy and John Weber
Manakin-Sabot, Va.

Jenny Lewis on thu 29 jul 99

Hi Winnie

LOTS to see in London - you now have the info on Contemporary
Ceramics in Marshall Street. Also - there is the Crafts Council
which usually has an interesting exhibition of something or other (I
think contemporary basket weaving at the moment) plus a good shop,
good cafe, and excellent information section upstairs with computer
info on potters in the UK. Near Angel tube station, and if you go on
a Saturday you could also wander round the nearby Camden Passage
which is an area full of antique stalls and little shops. NOT to be
confused with Camden Lock, Camden Town, Camden Market, an area that
used to be great and has now become a shitpit tourist trap.

Also - Contemporary Applied Arts, Percy Street, just off Tottenham
Court Road (near Tottenham Court Road tube station). Beautiful
stuff, usually a small exhibition as well.

V&A of course, a whole day if not more. British Museum, fabulous
antiquities, and a really terrific Oriental gallery, good
bookshop, and nice restaurant. Nearby is the Percival David
Foundation which is well worth a visit, lots of stunning Chinese
porcelain and stonewares. Check by phone first as they don't open at
weekends and I'm not sure what their weekday hours are.

And for general wandering, head for Covent Garden and stroll up Neal
Street, which is full of good things to look at, and buy, and places
to eat. Neal Street East is a shop that you can lose yourself in
for hours.

Have fun!


Dorothy Weber on tue 3 aug 99

In a message dated 7/30/99 6:11:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time, JWCOGGINS writes:

<< >>

The Internet address is I have just accessed
it and they have the current listings. You can search for ceramics, there
are two exhibits. I have the paper copy of this titled London, new
exhibitions of contemporary art. We are fortunate in that my boss went to
London in April and is a buyer of contemporary and modern art. He is in a
position that he can afford to buy some rather expensive pieces and has many
of his on display across Europe and the US. He has been trying over the years
to introduce my husband and I to modern art both painting as well as
sculptural and even though ceramics are not his interest he has tried to show
some interest and does supply us with what he feels might interest both of
us. It has been very helpful and of course thoughtful. The following
galleries he listed he thought would be of interest.
1. Stephen Friedman Gallery (he knows the owner Steve)
2. Greengrassi
3. Hayward Gallery
4. ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art)
5. Jay Jopling/White Cube ( hip art)
6. London Projects
7. Anthony D'Offay Gallery
8. Asprey Jacques
9. Victoria Miro Gallery
10. Robert Prime
11.Whitechapel Art Gallery ( good museum)
12.Serpentine Gallery ( good museum)
13. Tate Gallery ( Best museum) located Millbank,SW1P 4RG ??
14.Waddington Galleries
15.Crafts Council Gallery(Ceramics)
16.Crafts Council Shop at V&A (Ceramics)
He also gave a couple recommendations for restaurants, Wagamama, high tech
vegetarian noodle place with interesting crowd no reservations, expect to
wait in line but he insists its well worth the wait, so we'll go. Also the
Star of India, came highly recommended, although I expect this is pretty
Also check out ( this gives whats going on in London at that
time,have a great trip. let me know if you need more detail etc.