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low fire pitting?

updated sat 31 may 97


The Posedel's on sat 10 may 97

Any ideas? We are dinasaur potters firing high fire reduction stoneware,
but we are firing some low-fire items for a friend in our bisque kilns and
have run into a dilema. We are using Seattle Pottery white low fire clay
and our friend is painting designs with underglazes. We are glazing these
pots with a clear overglaze, Mayco series 2000 s-2101 Natural Clear, and
firing them to cone 04. When we open the kiln, most of the pots look great
but some of the pots are pitting. It is not isolated to any part of the pot will look great and the pot sitting right next to it will be
pitted. We are stumped. Any of you with more knowledge than us in this
firing range have any ideas?
P.S. A day like Today in Oregon is why we suffer the long wet winters
here. Incredible spring flowers everywhere and a warm, yet mild 75. God
is good to us in Oregon!!
Cheri Posedel

Carol Jackaway on sun 11 may 97

I paint with alot of underglazes(commerical) and have found that some colors
will pit under some clear glazes. Check to see if the pitting is over the
same colors all the time.
Hope it helps