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updated sun 31 aug 97


Robert Yellin on sat 9 aug 97

Although I'm sure most of you don't read Japanese,
I'm not too good myself, there is a wonderful
magazine called 'Honoho Geijitsu'(The Art Of Fire)
that has dozens of wonderful color photos and
countless ads from galleries showing contemporary
Japanese potters. If anyone is interested in getting
a copy, please let me know and we'll take it from there.
I did receive the latest issue today and there is an
announcement asking for entries to the 'Yakishime'
(high-fired unglazed stoneware) competition which
will be held in Okayama next year. It is quite a
prestigious event here with a distinguished panel
of judges and a first prize of 3 million, no not
dollars, yen or roughly 30,000 dollars. I think
pieces have to be submitted sometime in November.
If any one is interested, please contact me and
I'll get you more info, but you have to promise
to take me to a good sushi restaurant if you win.

Sippin tea in Nippon-
Robert Yellin