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updated thu 31 oct 96


Jan on tue 1 oct 96

Someone asked me what magazines were reccomended to me to buy, I
accidently deleted the mail. Sorry for the delay in replying...

I bought the following magazines from US and England..

1. American Ceramics
2. Ceramics Review
3. Ceramics Monthly
4. Clay Times
5. Ceramics Technical - (England)


Peggy Heer on thu 3 oct 96

There is new mag out there that is one of the finest I have seen. Published
in Greece and in English.
KERAMEIKE TECHNI which means Ceramic Art and is a global aspect of
contemporary ceramics.
In fact a number of USA clayartists were featured in the last issue. It
has fulllll color and fold out pages of work. Beautiful and very high
There are only 3 issues a yr. for 30.00 US and 45 for Canadians for a yrs.
subscrip. but is much thicker and larger than most mags out there. If
anyone is interested in the details me.
As Always in Caly Peggy

Peggy Heer / Heer Pottery E-Mail
Edmonton AB, Canada

Michelle H. Lowe on sat 5 oct 96

At 10:59 AM 10/1/96 -0400, Jan wrote:
>I bought the following magazines from US and England..
>1. American Ceramics
>2. Ceramics Review
>3. Ceramics Monthly
>4. Clay Times
>5. Ceramics Technical - (England)

Could you send the addresses/info for American Ceramics and Ceramics
Technical, I don't seem to have those on my journal list on my Pottery
Books and Journals FAQ (see this at-

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