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maryland and laguna

updated tue 31 dec 96


Douglas Kassebaum on wed 18 dec 96

On December 13, Linda Blossom wrote:

>I use Hawthorn Bond and do not have problems. I also am stuck with
>Maryland Refractories grog because that is what Laguna carries.
>According to Frank Tucker, Maryland Refractories makes their grog
>from old firebricks. They don't seem to be careful about where these
>bricks come from. It would be nice if Laguna would put their brain in
>gear and get Christie Minerals grog which is made fresh. But I don't
>expect this to happen anytime soon.

Actually, that grog change took place over two years ago, before
Miller Ceramics sold to Laguna. Citing the same issues proposed by
Frank Tucker, Mr. Miller switched from Maryland Refractories to
Harbison Walker, a competitor of Christy located "next door".
Laguna's eastern customers will remember the ascicular particle shape
of the Harbison Walker (and Christy Minerals) that makes "fresh grog" feel cours

Doug Kassebaum
Plant Manager, NY
Laguna Clay Co.