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mat at 04

updated mon 30 jun 97


Jeff Lawrence on sun 8 jun 97

Leslie writes:
> I have been collecting recipes but I have
> yet to discover a matt white or off white at 04.

Hi Leslie,

I've got some reliable mats (colored with stains) at ^04 by the addition of
Alumina Oxide. The hydrate made my glaze pinhole, and too much of either
raises the maturing temp. For my production glaze, 5% was too little, 10%
was too much, 7-9% (depending on how much stain) was just right. I didn't
test the white version; I seem to recall that it was a little on the
see-through side.

You might try adding Alumina Oxide to the smoothest clear you have that fits
your clay body now, expecting that it will lower the expansion of your
glaze. I substituted a higher-expansion for a lower-expansion frit to stop
mine from shivering (thanks to Tony Hansen and Ron Roy for their help there).

Have fun,

Jeff Lawrence
Sun Dagger Design
ph/fax 505-753-5913