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michigan west coast galleries enroute to ludington

updated thu 31 jul 97


TC on sat 12 jul 97

Thanks to Rebecca Mott for the opportunity to plug a few local galleries,
via her response to an unknown inquirer.
I live in Holland MI, just up the road from Saugatuck, south of
Grand Haven. FYI there is a rather busy gallery scene in this area. Among
the notables are THIRDSTONE GALLERY, located between Saugie and Holland
on 64th Ave at 140th (616)335-8027. Owner Bruce Cutean runs the newest and
funkiest gallery-cum-house-cum-studio-cum-yardart display this side of a
Jimi Hendrix song. Another artist/owner studio/gallery situation is THE ARK
Marcia Perry's baby which specializes in her carved wood designs. There is
a panoply of other, "straighter" galleries in the area, all listed in any
tourist pamphlet you can find. One publication caters to West Michigan
artlife: ON THE TOWN is available for free at any gallery or shoppe or
restaurant from Saugie to Muskegon, Holland to Ada.
A bit south of here, in Glenn MI is Vesuvius Gallery owned by
Kathy Catania. She and her husband are glass blowers with their own studio,
but who also have worked closely with OxBow, School of the Art Institute's
summer school in Saugie. That gallery hosts a different show each month, with
no "stable of artists" whose works remain.
Mike Taylor is a production potter and clay supplier with his own
studio & gallery in Hamilton MI, just east of Saugie/Holland area. His number
is (616)751-5839.
I could go on and on, but suffice to finish with: of note is the
regional museum in Muskegon MI, north of Grand Haven, south of Whitehall/
Montegue area. Until August it hosts the 69th Regional Juried show with
examples of W. MI artists in all media. It also is home to the famous
John Stuart Curry painting with a tornado in it, as featured for a nanosecond
in the flick, Twister.

I almost forgot a side trip that may be one of the more fun things you can do:
north of Rockford MI on M56 ( I think that's the #), just off the interchange
for US131 (eastbound) is Jerry Berta & Madeline Kazmarczk (please forgive
the spelling M)'s diner haven. By now it's a 3-diner complex with a miniature
golf attachment. The first diner houses their ceramic studio and serves as
retail gallery for their mold-cast & handbuilt ceramic diners, etc. The 2d
and 3d are bonafide restaurants, the first being a genuine, trailer-style
diner from the 50's replete with apropos menu, the other is more upscale.
Called ROSIE'S DINER. Check 'em out.

whew. Anymore and I'll have to draw commission from the Chamber of Commerce!
Enjoy your visits.