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updated sat 31 may 97


Cheryl L Litman on mon 12 may 97

There are a few good parents out there too. I had one Mom/Dad ask what
to look for in a small kiln/how to use it... Their 6 year old loved clay
(she did the best Joman pot I've seen yet) and they wanted to get her a
real kiln so she could continue at home!

Last year during summer camp there was a family of 4 who were signed up
mornings and afternoons for the whole 7 weeks! As the summer wore on I
usually let them do pretty much what they wanted with the materials, pick
and choose projects, since I personally felt that 7 straight weeks of art
is a bit intense for kids - even though I think we did a bang up job for
our first annual.... Anyway during Egypt week , we made scarabs. During
a snack break as I was cleaning up for the next group to come through, I
found "the gangs" offering. They had taken their scarabs and using
cardboard created "The Beetles" Singing Scarab Rock Group, complete with
drums, guitars, mikes, etc. I noticed that they had started painting the
cardboard "floor" with copper paint but run out so I poured more paint
and finished the floor for them as well as reinforced some of the
"equipment" mountings. The next day they were amazed, they thought I'd
be annoyed at what they did with the scarabs. I told them that it was
the best project they'd done to date and I loved how they pulled the
scarabs out of one context into another. Their parents were thrilled
with the work they did and weren't pushy for product. They were more
interested that the kids enjoyed themselves. I love it when the kids
take a project idea, twist it and run with it.

My friend and fellow teacher and I would love to do a week of camp where
all the projects are suggested by the kids rather than by the teachers.
We're taking a half step toward that this year with the theme "Create
your own culture" where we'll introduce aspects of culture and let them
use that as a springboard to create their own civilization, holidays,
national dress, housing, art... Should be fun!!!