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more nceca impressions

updated wed 30 apr 97


Carolyn Broadwell on thu 10 apr 97

I agree that Las Vegas was hard to take. Having to wend our way through
all those slot machines to get to anything, and the incessant noise, was
really tiring, and took the edge off the usual enjoyment of meeting and
talking with all the old and new friends.

But Judith Schwartz's talk on Confrontational Clay, and Tony Hepburn's
final talk were outstanding, and well worth suffering though all the Las
Vegas glitz.

All shows at UNLV were really outstanding. Some of the best we've ever

As always, it is good to see so many friends.

Lots more thoughts still being digested.

Doug Gray on sat 12 apr 97

I have to admit that I didn't think this was the best NCECA I have
ever attended, but my complaints were not with the city of Las Vegas
or even with the gambling fever. The biggest disappointment was the
way in which many of the presenters presented themselves.

I found it disappointing that so many of the presenters simply read
papers to the group. It's not very convincing to hear some one say "
I'm really excited about this..." when they maintain an even monotone
voice and their eyes stay fixed on the paper before them. What seemed
to be missing to me was the passion about the work they were speaking

There were of course exceptions, namely Dave Hicky's speech that had
to have raised more than a few eyebrows, and the presentation on
ceramics and archeology (obviously a lot of passion and personal
involvement in both).

All in all, the NCECA was fine, just not the knock-out, overload of
information I was expecting. And I must say that Las Vegas was
exactly what I expected, having never been there, but then I didn't go
to NCECA because it was in Las Vegas, I went to Las Vegas beacuse that
was were NCECA was.

Doug Gray
Alpine, TX