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mug talk/dream and kiln???

updated fri 24 oct 97


Beth Yeatman Spindler on wed 8 oct 97

Great narrative!!!
Nice to know that others feel the clay talking to any form..:))
Am a beginning potter here and hope to create lots of clay friends in many
Not sure if this is where to ask but need help in selecting a kiln....have a
small area..soon to be enlarged in my garage/basement...feel that working
with clay will become much more than a hobby for me...hence my indecision as
to size and type of kiln. Any help, thoughts, would be greatly appreciated!
Kind regards,
Beth in the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia!! :)

LINDA BLOSSOM on fri 10 oct 97

Dear Beth,

You asked about size and type of kiln. I was very fortunate to start with
a relatively small gas kiln. It is probably about ten cubic feet, if you
count the arch. It has matched my way of working so well and had it been
larger, might have defined me in a detrimental way. I love to experiment
and try new ideas in each firing. I rarely do anything that could be
considered production work and the faster firing calendar has contributed
to great strides in my development of colors and glaze effects. I also use
an electric kiln. There are glazes that regardless of atmosphere, must be
fired in gas or electric but cannot be fired in both. You must know what
you want to do in order to decide what kind of size of kiln you need.

Linda Blossom
2366 Slaterville Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850