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updated sat 31 may 97


Ed Brownlee on fri 30 may 97

HI everybody'

I've been asked to redo our raku kiln. We have no weather protection
an ample natural gas supply - there are 3 other kilns on the line
The kiln im thinking about including fire box is about 9 cu. ft.
If i hooked up 2 venturis, i should be able to get to raku temp PDQ,
Does anyone out there have a similar system or any other input?
I know propane w venturis work well, but i am wondering about the gas
pressure which i would think is at least, or a little above average of
8" WC
Any info would be helpful.

thanks ed on sat 31 may 97


2 burners might work fine, then again maybe not....We need more info from
you. What is the kiln made of? There's a HUGE difference between hard brick
and fiber. What is the BTU output of the burners? If you're unsure of the
burners, give me a call.

The input figures I use for Raku (15-20 minutes first firing) are:

1" fiber - 25,000 BTU per cubic ft
2" " 20,000 BTU c/f
4.5" soft brick - 30,000 BTU's c/f
4.5" hard brick - 70,000 BTU's c/f

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