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nceca (one more time!) clayart meetings.

updated wed 30 apr 97


Karl David Knudson on tue 22 apr 97

On Sun, 20 Apr 1997, Karen Gringhuis wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> One comment - I am dead set against anything "pre-conference."
> In other years MAJOR events (sometimes better than the mail conf. really)
> have taken place pre (new Orleans DeStaebler) & post ( Minn McKenzie )
> conference sometimes at a n extra charge. Given the time NCECA already
> takes and the cost (too high for students IMHO), putting anything major
> beofre or after makes me furious.
> A Clayart b'fast would be a bit different than the aforementioned
> major events but 5 days incl. travel time is a lot already.

Is there any reason why Clayart can't have a meeting room (aka the Alfred
reunion et all) or have a special Clayart Party after the confernece one
night? The breakfast is a nice place to meet in a more organized manner,
but I think that a good party would be a great way to actually meet and
spend time with other clayarters...? Think that we could get a room set
aside or perhaps have a few clayarters be neighbors at the host hotel and
be willing to have a _few_ guests over?

I'm interested in the Clayart pot trade that was mentioned in passing at
the breakfast...hmmm.

Karl in Eugene.