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updated mon 31 mar 97


Paul Monaghan on tue 4 mar 97

The picture may have been garbled in the last message so here it is
again as a JIF file. I hope it works and it can be opened in Paint

My Fellow Potters (and Sculptors) :-);

Many people have talked about some sort of ID for Clayarters at NCECA.
If anyone is interested in my "Homo Clayartus" (c) T-Shirts please let
me know ASAP. "Homo Clayartus," an old species but just newly
discovered, embodies the essence of most if not all "mud-slingers". If
you can't open the attachment in Photoshop I will soon have it up on the
website so stay tuned. Based on the volume, shipping, etc. we are
hoping to hold the price at or below $19.95.

Thanks and happy throwing,

Paul :-)

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