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updated sat 31 may 97


Rick Sherman on tue 13 may 97

There were many interesting reactions to the Las Vegas NCECA a while
back as well as some good suggestions. It would be nice if all the
NCECA Board had an opportunity to read them. There were some items
left sorta hanging and this is to help those who may make their first
trip to NCECA or are not certain whether they will attend.
First, if you want to read the presentations made at the Las Vegas
NCECA, you will need to be a member in order to receive the Journal.
If you become a member now ($45 regular, $25 student) you get the
Journal sometime in November 97, 4 newsletters and the Directory. If
you join ASAP, your name will be included in the Directory. You also
get registration materials early, which is important if you want to be
certain of reservations at the conference hotel. Call Regena Brown,
1-800-99NCECA. Membership ends January 1 998.
Each NCECA site is different. Don9t be turned off by comments about
our Las Vegas hotel. We have enjoyed the architecture in St. Louis;
froze our butts in Rochester; bathed in the ambiance of New Orleans,
San Antonio, and Tempe. Can9t cover them all, but each has its own
character. Bigger is not necessarily better. It does not make the
presentations and demonstrations better. It is harder to meet
friends and get a good seat for the lectures.
NCECA is for everyone interested in clay. It was created for the
college and university level and that is still its focus, but the
leadership has realized the symbiotic relationship to the studio
potter and sculptor. We had two panels on functional work in Kansas
City. These folks are sometimes second banana. K-12 teachers have
had a tougher time. An ad hoc Education Chair was created at Kansas
City was killed within two years. But now, K-12 has its own slide
program and is a strong part of the discussion groups. These folks
both learn and contribute a lot.
It is up to members to propose the content of the Conference. The
Board and host committee define the theme. Then we have to submit the
proposals. This usually gives a strong advantage to the most
experience since the deadline is May 1, just a few weeks after the
past NCECA. Some have tried to get a few more weeks added, but with
no success. The good news is that no one can be a presenter each
year, they have to wait three years. This means new blood and more
True, some presenters read their speeches and a few panelists
monopolize most of the time. This happens when the panel moderator
does not control the panelists. All presenters should practice and
time their speech before giving it. The content of most panels and
lectures and demonstrations are rewarding and some are dynamic. You
will find at least one which makes the whole trip worthwhile.
It is extremely difficult to find so many exhibition sites in one
city. That is the reason for bussing, along with its aggravation.
Avoid this by joining others to rent a car. Clayart would be a great
way to line up three others going to Ft. Worth. Plan on spending $60
each for a midsize and gas.
The Board and host work hard to put on each conference. The cost is
extremely reasonable compared to most other conferences, even those
which receive a subsidy. $145 gets you the conference, membership,
the Directory, Journal and 3 newsletters plus mailings on NCECA
events. If you look at the financial report, you will find all funds
go into operations with a small cash reserve retained.
Hope this helps and hope to see you at the Clayart breakfast in Fort
RS on fri 16 may 97

Rick Sherman wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> There were many interesting reactions to the Las Vegas NCECA a while
> back as well as some good suggestions. It would be nice if all the
> NCECA Board had an opportunity to read them. There were some items

I have been keeping a file of comments on NCECA and will delete names
and consolidate them and present them at our meeting in Ft. Worth this
spring. I will remove peoples names and summarize.
In reading through the comments I have become overwelmed by the "they
should do this" aspect to most comments. If you want something propose
it. If something is broken and you know how to fix it, and are willing
to fix it, no one will stop you. When you join an organization the
"they" becomes a "we".
I am currently trying to figure out if I want to produce maps to the
exhibition sites( and other ways to help the buses run better), If I
want to produce a CDROM with an image of each members work on it, How to
make the projectors and other technical aspects of the conference work
better without driving myself crazy, and how to make my trip to the
board meeting next week have as little disruptive influence on my life
as possible.
Louis Katz
Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
6300 Ocean
CCTX 78412
(512) 994-5987