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updated sat 31 may 97


Mark Leach on sat 17 may 97

Louis Katz stated:

I have been keeping a file of comments on NCECA and will delete names
> and consolidate them and present them at our meeting in Ft. Worth this
> spring. I will remove peoples names and summarize.
> In reading through the comments I have become overwelmed by the "they
> should do this" aspect to most comments. If you want something propose
> it. If something is broken and you know how to fix it, and are willing
> to fix it, no one will stop you. When you join an organization the
> "they" becomes a "we".

Mark Richard Leach replied: are absolutely right! Thank you for sharing your insight and
for soliciting tangible involvement from the membership. All too often, I
think we tend to forget that the "they" is actually "WE."

Mark Richard Leach, Director
Craft and Design
Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte