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nceca and handicapped accomodation

updated wed 30 apr 97


Linda Arbuckle on mon 21 apr 97


I contacted Anna Holcombe, Past President of NCECA. She suggests sending a
copy of your letter to each of the members of the board before the May
meeting. I don't have an exact date, so I'd say send them by May 1 to give
people a chance to read them. It would be a great public service for people
with special needs to speak up and get the attention of the board for
everyone else that has special needs in attending the conference. Anna is
very supportive, and would like people to write to show how important this
is to many members.

Board Members on e-mail:
Susan Harris, Exhibitions Dir. Susan has hearing loss and has been
working to sensitize the board to these issue. She needs help.

Anna Holcombe, Past President

Curt Hoard, President-elect

Robert Harrison, Publications

JoAnn Schnabel, DAL

Louis Katz, DAL

Elaine O. Henry DAL

Sonya Paukaune, Student DAL

Members not on e-mail:
Jim Tanner, President
Rt. 3 Box 189
Janesville, MN 56048
Fax ((507) 389-5887

Don McCance, Secretary-Treas.
GA State U.,
Art & Music Bldg. Rm. 117
Univ. Plaza
Atlanta, GA 30303
Fax (770) 486-8226

Steve Reynolds, Programs
Dept. of Art
Univ. of Texas
6900 N. Loop
1604 West
San Antonio, TX 78249-0642

Dan Hammett, Conference Chair for Ft. Worth
P.O. Box 170221
Irving, TX 75017

Linda Arbuckle
Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator
University of Florida, Box 115801, Gainesville, FL 32611-5801
e-mail: Linda (Note: this is a new e-mail address)