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nceca breakfast?

updated fri 24 oct 97 on fri 3 oct 97

Hey Folks,

Been signed off Clayart for awhile trying to catch up on some
things....Started receiving mail today and noticed that NCECA is being
discussed. Has a Clayart breakfast been setup for 1998? Sorry if this has
already been mentioned, but I've not been keeping up lately. I slept thought
he last breakfast in Vegas (hate to admit that) and don't want to miss
another one.

On another NCECA note, I'll be doing the Kiln Doctor Clinic on Fri. March 27,
along with Dick Hay, Dong-Hun Chung, and Tom Viverito. If you don't make it
to that and have any questions I can answer about kilns and burners, stop by
booth 85 During the conference.

Marc Ward
Ward Burner Systems
PO Box 333
Dandridge, TN 37725
423.397.2914 voice
423.397.1253 fax