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nceca clayart breakfast?

updated sat 30 nov 96 on sun 3 nov 96

I am in the process of planning for another clayart breakfast to be held at
the Las Vegas NCECA conference. It will probably once again be on Thursday
morning. In order to get a preliminary head count, please Email me IN THIS
WAY if you are interested. Make the subject of your mail "Yes breakfast, #
(number of people you are responding for)". Hopefully there will be many
responses. This way I do not have to read the actually mail, but need to only
count the # s and keep track of who is responding. This initial head count
will tell me the size of the restaurant or room that we need. Thanks. Hope to
see you all in LV. Please Email me directly. Paula
Sibrack, Sherman, CT where they're predicting show flakes today.