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updated tue 31 dec 96


Marcia Selsor & Matt Benacquista on sat 28 dec 96

Dear Clayarters,
Here are some ways to find out about NCECA:
NCECA's homepage

Artscape lists upcoming activities and has the Las Vegas meeting listed

Linda Arbuckle who is on Clayart is serving as a director at large
on NCECA board and seems to be the responsible clay geek for the
organization but she is not the secretary:

SNAIL MAIL: Regina Brown, Executive Secretary
PO Box 158
Bandon, OR 97411
The dates are April 2-5 US membership/conference fee:$125
Canadian 130
International 140
US student 95
Canadian student 100
International student 110
Institutional 200
Students must include photo copy of current student ID

So, Clayarters, is there a breakfast going to happen this year?
I missed it last year, but would like to meet some of you.
Marcia in Montana
Marci Selsor
Matt Benacquista