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updated wed 30 apr 97


Eleanora Eden on mon 14 apr 97

Hi All,

Since I'm 700 messages behind...last night got me up to the day before I
left...I am just gonna go ahead and give it off the top.

I assume I'm not the only one who found it disturbing to be at a ceramics
get-together in a casino. I was pleased to note how the looser of the
contributors bounced off the wierd ambience in their presentations.

Pat Oleszko was by far the big enjoyment for me...her birthing baloon that
filled the stage is an unforgettable image as was her windsome self
over-bloated by about 100 garments cavorting into the waves at Coney
Island with a tiny umbrella, dramatizing a statement from some commission
that the way to stay safe from radiation was to put on extra clothes and
stay under water....tremendous thanks from me for her presence on the

The lowfire workshop and Joe Bennion's Clay and Spirituality breakout
session were the most involving programmatic events for me. I actually
was not too excited by most of the presentations but those were great.
Thankyou David and Joe (Clayarters both, of course).

Which brings us to THE CLAYART BREAKFAST! Such a thrill, thank you all,
it needed to be an all-day picnic. Wanted to chat with everybody.

And the help I personally was hoping for I got from Paul Lewing who
honored me with a one-on-one mini-workshop on tile biz and other marketing
dilemmas. Gave me alot of focus and confidence plus a lovely time with a
delightful, resourceful, extremely talented tile artist. Thankyou Paul!

I have come back with so many good ideas...not so much particular
directions but a situation that provided a energetic stirring of the
creative I would be sitting through a slide show and
having my own slide show going in my head of new ideas popping up just
cause the moment was for that to happen.

I was terribly pleased to be greeted by Clayarters and am so encouraged.


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