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nceca or bust

updated wed 27 aug 08


Eleanora Eden on mon 31 mar 97

Hi all,

Off to NCECA (to see if it really is such a big deal). Will be draped in
clayart t-shirts (thankyou John Jensen) and can't wait to meet and visit
wih Clayarters. Hoping especially to talk to people about low-fire,
about tile projects, and marketing. Have been struggling with pricelists
for the occasion. Better than struggling wih my hair-do.

Back on-line April 14 with my report.


Eleanora Eden 802 869-2003
Paradise Hill
Bellows Falls, VT 05101

[the address is temporary. My mailbox at still works -- do not change address books]

Kim Hohlmayer on tue 26 aug 08

Hi All,
I am about to throw myself upon the mercy of my fellow clayarters. I want to attend NCECA but my finances keep coming up short no matter how I do the math. The only way it looks affordable is if I find one to three other people from my area or any points west and car pool it there and back.
My car is 2004 Subaru Outback with very low mileage. It is dependable and in tip top shape. My mother took pity on me and gave me this car when she bought herself a new Forester last year. It is comfortable though the leg room in the back seat is a bit limited, we can always change seats regularly so no one gets trapped back there. Also it is a four door station wagon so no one needs to climb over or under anything to get in and out. Can you tell by what I am bringing up that I have experienced some really bad car trips?
The back space holds a Ton of "stuff" and is a better, safer way to get your art to Phoenix and your NCECA purchases back home. I have done this twice before with friends and it in no way ended or even endangered the friendship so I guess I am easy to travel with.
My only requirement is no smoking in the car, the motel rooms along the way or the hotel room once we reach Phoenix. I don't drink at all if I am driving so if you like drinking, you can drink and I will drive. I am not a marathon driver but I don't dawdle.
My phone # is 740-946-1114 and my cell is 740-381-2228. I live in Jewett, Ohio which is about equidistant from Pittsburgh, Akron-Canton and Youngstown. I am also near Weirton and Wheeling, WV. Anyone in the area or west of me where I can pick you up on the way will be fine.
Even with high gas prices and motel costs along the way it looks like this is cheaper than flying. Thanks for considering this. --Kim Hohlmayer