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updated wed 30 apr 97


Joyce Lee, Jim Lee on tue 15 apr 97

I'm sure many of us would be interested in hearing more about the
Symposium in Canada for '98. I would. It sounds great. That doesn't
mean I would want to replace NCECA, although the registration process
sure needs some work. Somebody please take suggestions to the Board
since I understand it wasn't just in Vegas that there was a problem. At
least the rumor was that in New Orleans, also, registration took
forever. Wasn't there; didn't do that; don't know. Charge another dollar
and MAIL the pre-registration packet with name tag etc enclosed.
Ironically, those who did not pre-register completed the process in no
time since that line was very short. Don't want to forget to mention
the Potters for Peace booth and their slide show. Exciting stuff in
every corner of the NCECA exhibits, both commercial and non.

Counting her $125.00 Vegas winnings in the still, peaceful (for the
moment) Mojave. Remember the long, wide line waiting for the doors to
open for the evening presentation Thursday? I had seven quarters and
decided to risk them in a slot so I could sit down while waiting.
Two plunked in - nothing. Two more - nothing. The last three - hit the
jackpot and won 500 quarters. Best part: no time to "reinvest" my 500.
Just cashed them in and went to presentation. Worse part: not a soul I
knew was around to witness my phenomenon. Equally best part: Bought
$125.00 worth of additional books from Axner next morning. Am I not