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updated sun 31 mar 96


Linda Arbuckle on mon 25 mar 96

I'm sure a lot of people will be reporting on NCECA. ClayArt buttons were in
evidence, and there was a lot of, "OH! You're so-and-so!" Quite a treat to
see the virtual troops.

I'm off the NCECA board as my term is over. I'll be doing the homepage
still, and working on the Ceramics Program Project to make a database of
post-secondary ceramics programs in the US. There's a need for someone to do
K-12 and International, but that's more than I can bite off. If anyone wants
a form to fill out to list their program, please e-mail me privately. The
free laptop loaner fell through in the 11th hour, and I went to paper form

Elections: other than student Director At Large, which does not have a board
nominee, NO ONE ran from the floor. Too bad. I hope next year some people
going to the conference think about running. Working with the board is a
very interesting experience, and it's great to get to know the people and
see how it all gets hammered together. Anyone who wants to ask about this,
again, e-mail me direct.

Curt Hoard from U. of MN (conference chair of last year's conference in
Minneapolis) is President Elect, Steve Reynolds of San Antonio, TX (he was
the conference chair of the NCECA conference in San Antonio in the late
80's) is program chair, JoAnne Schnable of Univ. of Iowa is Director at
Large, and Sonja Paukune from Kansas State U. is Student DAL.

The conference topped out at 2300 plus people, the biggest NCECA ever. There
were over 400 wonderful cups donated to the cup sale for the undergrad
scholarship fund, which were a treat to review, and raised over $5000.00 for
the Scholarship Fund. Many thanks to the people who donated. It was a very
popular display, and the cups were hotly sought-after.

NCECA had a benefit auction of work donated by established artists who were
tapped by the auction committee. 38 pieces were auctioned off. A color
catalog was printed (cost $10., call Regina Brown at 1-800-99-NCECA if
you're interested in buying a copy, complete with price valuations), and
Christie's donated the services of one of their professional auctioneers.
Pieces by Voulkos, Woodman, Stephenson, Spinski, Daley, Christianson,
Illain, McKenzie, De Staebler, and others were sold after a benefit
reception, and grossed NCECA about $60,000.00. NCECA is trying to establish
an endowment to compensate for the reductions in NEA funding coming up, and
is trying to become a self-supporting non-profit. Many people generously
donated works to the cause, and found an eager audience. If the Lord helps
those who help themselves, NCECA is surely trying to maintain it's
educational mission and get all the help it can.

Next conference will be in Las Vegas, NV April 2-5, 1997. Mark Burns
promises a lively time and a different slice of culture. He commented that
air fares, food, and lodging are cheap in Las Vegas, and showed great
slides. Mark should have a statement linked to the NCECA home page about his
feelings about the conference soon. Theme is "Guilty Pleasures" and info is
linked to the web page at:
Proposals are due May 1, as I recall. The conference programming is
member-driven, so I hope anyone with a thought will consider making a
proposal. I'd be happy to respond to direct e-mail questions about the process.

Future conferences: '98 Ft. Worth, Texas Mar 25-28, 1998
Columbus, OH Mar. 17-20, 1999
Denver, CO Mar. 22-25, 2000

Looking forward to more conference reports. I had some duties and didn't get
to many of the events. Presenters will be writing summaries which will be
published in the NCECA Journal, a membership benefit. Should appear in about
6 months or so.

Viva ClayArt.

Linda Arbuckle E-mail:
Asst. Prof.
Univeristy of Florida
Department of Art 302 FAC
Gainesville, FL 32611 Ceramics: (352) 392-0228