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nceca, unattributed show pieces,the week after.

updated wed 30 apr 97


Richard Selfridge on mon 14 apr 97

Suzanne Wolfe, and all.
Carol and I were first timers at NCECA, after living solely from our
pottery work for nearly 25 years. Some of it was greatly enjoyable and
stimulating, particularly David Hickey's keynote and Tony Hepburn's closing.
The exhibitions we saw, tour A at UNLV and tour B The Bray show and the
Figurative show were very stimulating. Nice to get to know so many new
people on the buses, but I would have liked to see more (other routes) and
certainly the line ups at the hotel were disorganized and frustrating. We
can do better.

The work you spoke of in the upstairs at UNLV was there, according
to Josh DeWeese at the Bray, because the library where the Bray residents
show was held would not allow them because of their sexual content. So much
for "anything goes" in Las Vegas. I don't remember the name signed on the
wall (Borst maybe) piece, but the frighteningly evocative figures were by
Charles Breth, (he won a prize in last years San Angelo show for a armless
figure). As that was a last minute change, the attributions were a detail
that didn't get done.

Despite the smoke, noise and depressing ambiance of the "trailer
trash" gambling fools in our hotel, (we were at the more down market
Imperial Palace), we had a good time at the conference. For us it was more
making contacts, old friends, people we have exhibited with but never met,
showing our slides at the international slide venue, and meeting many new
people as addicted to clay and glaze as we are. We may even go again and not
wait 25 years to do it.

ps. Just got our slides back with great cacti in bloom and petroglyphs in
the Valley of Fire, just outside Vegas.

Carol and Richard Selfridge
Edmonton, Canada