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updated fri 28 feb 97 on sat 1 feb 97

Plans are set for the Annual Clayart breakfast, Thursday, April 3, 1997, in
Las Vegas. Here's your opportunity to "meet the messengers" and for 2nd and
3rd time breakfaster to visit with friends.
The breakfast will be held at the Country Star American Music Grill. A block
from the Balley, with an enormous juke box in front, Mark Burns assures me
that this is a great place. The price, paid in advance, is $13.50. This
includes a buffet of fresh eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, bagels, danish,
coffee, tea and OJ (guilty). The price also includes the room and tip.
In addition you will receive a list of participants (email and snail mail
addresses) and a meeting photo mailed to you.
76 people told me through Clayart that they are interested in coming. Now put
your money where your message is. (BTW, the space will acommodate up to 100
Send a check for $13.50 to: Paula Sibrack, 5 Benchmark, Sherman, CT 06784.
(FYI the restaurant has full audio visual capabilities. The manager told me
that a modem could be hooked up for an additional fee.) Hope to hear from
many of you soon and see you soon after that. Any questions, contact
Paula Please note that my email address has a space between
"Paula" and "clay". There is another person on Clay art whose address in the
same but with no space.

Erin Hayes on sun 2 feb 97

WAAAAAH! I'm so sad I can't go to NCECA this year! Hearing about the
breakfast makes it worse...:-(

You guys please remember all of us poor schmucks who can't be there to meet
everyone. If you can think of some way for us to be there in more than
spirit and less than body, let me know. *sob*

Please *beg, beg* say you'll all be in Dallas next year! I can actually make
it to the next one (plus it's a visit to the native state). I'm just dying
to meet everyone, but I can't make myself miss part of the first week of

Pardon the tear stains on this e-mail...*sob*


Karen Gringhuis on mon 3 feb 97

Paula - WHAT TIME? Karen Gringhuis