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updated wed 30 apr 97


Terry Sullivan on tue 8 apr 97

Hi All, just returned from Las Vegas. NCECA was great; 3471 attendence ( 1200
over last highest !). Will coment on it later but want to enlist your help.
Film ( 35mm) was stolen from my camera on the night of the NCECA party. The
shots are of Paul Soldner and Peter Volkos at Pauls booth. They are signing
various boky parts of a young co-ed. Also are shots of Paul and group
"streaking" the dance and Paul being grabed by a 240 lb. gard. I'm very upset
about this theft and Paul was promised the prints. Any help would be
appriciated. ( no one else has the same photos so if you see them they are
mine). Thanks for your attention and any help on this,
Terry Sullivan/ Nottingham Center for the Arts. Home phone (818) 798-1985.
PO Box 40728 Pasadena,CA 91114 Pers Email