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nceca/puter seminar

updated wed 30 apr 97


CDANIELLE on fri 25 apr 97

Hello all,
I didn't make it to NCECA so I have been skipping all the posts on it. I
don't know if it has allready been discussed, but I am interested in
what was said about computer media vs. potters at a computer seminar
held there.I am curious because I was just talking to a friend who went
to it and she had some negative things to say. I don't know if she took
it out of context but she seemed to think the basic point was that ppl
don't make things or money talking on computers. She also seemed to
think that it takes the humam element out of learning, and one day it's
all just going to crash down around us who use computers as learning
medium.(Mind you she has not discovered computers or clayart yet). I
asked who was saying this and she said it was ppl who have been using
computer media. I guess this seminar was held at the same time as the ^6
seminar. If any of you attended this seminar, and have any idea what i'm
talking about, I would be curious to hear what you got from it.

Gabe Thomas
Springfield OR

A very sunny day today. Peas are coming up, strawberries and garlic are
doing good, almost time to transplant the tomatoes. Slowly looking less
like a dirt patch and more like a garden. You should see all the wild
irises in bloom around my "dirt patch".