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updated wed 30 apr 97


Terry Sullivan on tue 15 apr 97

Thank you Martin. I was wondering if anyone would understand the point of
view of a photographer having their work stolen. It was getting a bit
tiresome being "jumped" on and put down for asking fellow ceramists to help
reclaim my film. As much as I to abhore the theft of the student work and
consider it more significant than the loss of my film; there is the point
that the artist can make another piece but the photos can never be replaced.
For all of you who got excited about my mentioning Paul Soldners
antics , it was only that if I'd mentioned the other personal photos on the
roll it would not have ment anything to you all and would be unlikely that
whoever stole the film would show those to anyone. Thanks to you Clayarters
who had a kind word.
Terry M Sullivan/The Nottingham Center for the Arts, San Marcos , CA.
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