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nceca: how to emerge

updated wed 30 apr 97


Rick Sherman on sat 19 apr 97

The process for becoming Emerging Talent at NCECA is as follows:
1. You must be nominated by someone in the field of ceramics. You
may also nominate yourself in company with a letter of recommendation
from someone in the field of ceramics.
2. You have to demonstrate "exeptional promise in the field of
3. You can not currently be a student.
4. You submit 12 slides of your work which are labeled with: name,
title of work, media, dimensions along with a resumi and the letter of
5. If chosen as Emerging Talent, you must attend the Ft. Worth NCECA
Conference and be prepared to offer a 12 minute slide presentation of
your work. You will receive the standard presenter's honorarium.
6. You will be told to mail materials along with and SASE for return
of slides to a designated NCECA Member of the Board who has been
assigned the Emerging Talent section of the Conference.
7. Deadline for submission is usually in October. RS