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new potter in the family

updated tue 30 apr 96


Richard Gralnik on tue 16 apr 96

Stacey and Richard Gralnik are pleased to announce that the latest
firing of the mommy-kiln was successfully completed last night,
April 15, at 11:14pm PDT, with the birth of a 21", 8 lb, 9 oz. baby boy.

The firing lasted about 7 hours, candling slowly up to C4 over the
first 5 hours in an oxidizing slightly patocin atmostphere with the damper
initially effaced at 80% , then moving to 90%. Once C5 was reached,
the mommy-kiln quickly climbed to C8 and finally C10 in a little over
45 minutes, when the finished baby came out of the mommy-kiln, with a
good purple body color and a light glaze of (whatever that white sticky
stuff is called). The baby's color changed to a light pink following
the quick cooldown.

Thank G-d mommy and baby are fine. He'll be named at the bris next
Tuesday morning.

Firing coach