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new potters/old potters -- a clay valentine

updated fri 28 feb 97


Ellen Baker on fri 14 feb 97

Here's a Clay Valentine to everyone who's been a part of the new potter/old
potter discussion:

Everyone I know who dares to take-up the title "potter" tell the same
story: IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT/at the first touch of clay. Like
choc-o-holics, clay-o-holics seem to know right away that they're doomed to
have slip and glaze running through their veins. Day and night: 'talk
clay, doodle clay, dream clay... Twenty minutes or twenty years -- POTTERS
JUST SEEM TO "FALL INTO IT," and stay hooked for life.

About the "chemistry" of this love -- the chemistry of clay just as awesome
and vexing as the chemistry of romance. Science doesn't take the shine off
our romance with clay -- it seems to deepen the fascination. And as the
years go by -- with all the ups and downs, the hopes and dreams met and
dashed -- this clay bond weathers and deepens like the love for a mate...

So all you new potters, no matter how young or old in years, you can look
forward to the full-bloom of your passion -- it will age well. And potters
who've been "at it" longer (the ones with the "knowing smiles") -- be fair,
and give full credit to the power and vigor of "new [clay] love."

It's all very romantic, isn't it? Well, happy Val's!